Thursday, July 10, 2014

[2nd Half] 15 Best K-pop Albums of 2013

For this list, I previously had about 30 albums that I was considering including but as I kept on listening to them more and more, it felt as though I was picking albums I didn’t really find that great. The list then kept on dwindling down and I let go of many and finally settled on the TOP 15. This list is a continuation of the 1st half post and only includes albums released in the second half (July 1, 2013 to December 31, 2013). It’s nothing serious but I did try and look at everything objectively. You’ll get a sense quickly of the types of music I like and that without a doubt has a huge influence in the types of albums I chose for this list.

As always, keep in mind that this list is subjective to my tastes and even though I took a broader view, it may be missing releases unknown to me. Leave me with your thoughts at the end with the albums you cherished.

Honorable Mentions:

Urban Zakapa - 03 / 2013.11.26 / R&B [lacks the stand-out track but overall, really nice]
IU - Modern Times / 2013.10.07 / Pop [not my style of music but do appreciate its beauty]
Busker Busker - Busker Busker Vol.2 / 2013.09.25 / Soft Rock [it was either them or standing egg, I chose the egg in the end because it came first]

The 15 Best K-pop Albums of 2013 [Released between July 1, 2013 - December 31, 2013]

15. Standing Egg - Shine
2013.10.04 / Indie / 본(born)[Listen to the Album]
[Buy: iTunes, YesAsia]

14. 이적 (Lee Juck) - 고독의 의미 (The Meaning Of Solitude)
2013.11.15 / Ballad / Music Farm [Listen to the Album]
[Buy: iTunes, YesAsia]

13. P-Type – Rap
2013.07.29 / Rap / Brand New Music [Listen to the Album]
[Buy: iTunes, YesAsia]

12. Drunken Tiger, Yoon Mi Rae & Bizzy – The Cure
2013.09.13 / Rap / Feel Ghood Music [Listen to the Album]
[Buy: iTunes, YesAsia]

11. 크랜필드 (Cranfield) - 밤의 악대 (Nocturnal Band)
2013.11.08 / Rock / 북극곰 사운드 (PBear Sound) [Listen to the Album]
[Buy: iTunes, Bandcamp]

10. 글렌 체크(Glen Check) - YOUTH!
2013.11.19 / Electronic Pop / Sound Holic [Listen to the Album]
[Buy: iTunes, YesAsia]

09. 들국화 (Deulgukhwa) – Deulgukhwa
2013.12.06 / Rock / Deulgukhwa Company [Listen to the Album]
[Buy: iTunes, YesAsia]

8. 자우림 (Jaurim) – Goodbye, grief
2013.10.14 / Rock / Sound Holic [Listen to the Album]
[Buy: iTunes, YesAsia]

7. 스웨덴세탁소 (Sweden Laundry) - 잠들 때까지 (Until You Sleep)
2013.10.18 / Indie / Shofar Music [Listen to the Album]
[Buy: YesAsia]

6. 안녕바다 (Bye Bye Sea) - 난그대와바다를가르네 (I Cross The Sea With You)
2013.07.12 / Soft Rock, Indie / Fluxus Music [Listen to the Album]
[Buy: iTunes, YesAsia]

5. 지드래곤 (G-Dragon) – 쿠데타 (COUP D`ETAT)
2013.09.05 / Pop Rap / YG Entertainment [Listen to the Album]
[Buy: iTunes, Part.1 / Part.2, YesAsia]

4. Dynamic Duo - Luckynumbers
2013.07.01 / Rap / Amoeba Culture [Listen to the Album]
[Buy: iTunes, YesAsia]

3. 팔로알토 (Paloalto) – Chief Life
2013.11.25 / Rap / Hi-Lite Records [Listen to the Album]
[Buy: iTunes, YesAsia]

Favorite tracks: Ideal Moment, Sweet Season, Circle (Ft. Hwaji), 유명세 (Ft. Reddy)

2. 요조 (Yozoh) – 나의 쓸모 (My Instrumental) [Official title: Existence and Happiness]
2013.07.23 / Indie Pop, Indie Rock / MagicStrawberry Sound [Listen to the Album]
[Buy: YesAsia]

1. 강아솔 (Kang A Sol) – 정직한 마음 (Honest Soul)
2013.11.14 / Indie / Electric Muse [Listen to the Album]
[Buy: YesAsia]

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