Thursday, August 21, 2014

The 5 Best Korean Drama OST Albums & Songs of 2013

After You Who Came From The Stars and Miss Korea finished their respective runs, I was mentally drained. Both dramas were so engaging and charming yet different that it was hard waiting each week for another episode to come around. Maybe I'm still recovering but since then, I haven't had the desire to see any new dramas. Recently, my younger sister told me about High School - Love On and even managed to persuade my older sister to watch it. She's now equally as avid about it and waits for new episodes to come around. I haven't watched it yet but did download the first two episodes, which my younger sister proposed to watch together even though she's seen it about three times already. It must be that good, but I feel like I've already moved on from K-Dramas. Maybe that will change after I finally get around to watching High School - Love On and no one can say no to the lovable Kim Sae-ron, the brilliant youngster with an illustrious career ahead of her. 

Even though I didn't see that many dramas before either, I always kept up with the OST releases because I always welcome new music. Following are the top albums and songs that gave me a familiar feeling of dramas even though I never got around to watching half of them.