Sunday, December 30, 2012

Debut 2012: Must Listen 'Top K-Pop Idol Groups'

Everything is normal once again in the world K-Pop, there's high flying action left and right with new groups debuting seemingly every moment. For the companies, it's about making profit of the huge 'Hallyu Wave' extending across the globe while for the youngsters involved, it's about achieving the age old dream of being an idol star with the added benefit of making money. Even though I try my best to give each group a serious listen, there has been too many groups debuting that it's been a little hard keeping up. However, the talent pool this year among debut groups has been the best it's ever been in my experience.
In this post, I will share with you the debut groups that have not only managed to appear on my radar but has left me impressed wanting for more. To be fair, I will not include the stellar rookie acts such as Ailee, Busker Busker, John Park, Juniel, Baek Ah Yeon15& and Lee Hi. since all of them are not specifically idol groups. This post will feature the bands that you should definitely must listen to because they have serious talents that may put them on top some day. New groups are walking a fine line because everything rides on their impending debut with companies putting all their stakes in making the group prominent through release of strong debut tracks and creative concepts. Through out the year, newer and younger stars will join the older ones while others will be forced into fading out through the back door. Afterwards, be sure to check out these new budding idol groups.

Let me know afterwards which groups you thought deserve spots at the top.

Friday, December 28, 2012

The 10 Best Korean Drama OST Albums of 2012

This year's notable OST albums, as selected by your one and only k-ballad crazed admin. If a plot of a drama makes up its body of work, then the soundtrack provides it with the much needed soul. This year was a good year in terms of the variety aspect since more than 90 South Korean dramas were released this year. There indeed was something for everyone and while I did not watch that many dramas, I definitely kept up to date with all the OST (Original Sound Track) releases so I could precisely make up such a list as this. 

Don't let the adorable picture faze you, this is serious business!

On a personal note, hope this new year brings forth lots of happiness and meaning. Let me know your choices for top Korean drama soundtrack albums and what you liked this year.