Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Conversation [Ep 7-12]: Talking About The Queen's Classroom with Analogueblues

Since our last exchange or review on The Queen’s Classroom, there's been a lot more developments than before and this post as always, strives to come full circle on those turn of events. At this point, the unexpected story-line and behavior has managed to become habitual. As a viewer, this familiarity offers rare insights into the thoughts of the characters and the situations they face.

As always, Analogueblues has agreed kindly to join me as we try our best to explore the drama. For the delay in posting, I apologize and even though the final episode of The Queen’s Classroom has already aired, looking back at a show as profound as this one should be the one splurge of the moment every blogger wishes for. Watching the show with a new lens, I found a special appreciation for its cinematography and superb writing. I report with pleasure that the new episodes did not disappoint and went a long way in making the overall significance of the drama more powerful.