Thursday, September 21, 2017

The 15 Best Korean Drama OST Songs of 2016

There were quite a lot of releases last year. I went through almost all of the OSTs and picked out my favorites. Also, this will be my last blog post. I've got to focus on other things and anyways, haven't really been updating this blog. Happy listening!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Best Korean Drama OST Albums of 2016

Every winter, I turn to the warmth and comfort that Korean dramas and OSTs radiate. I decided to look back and put the spotlight on some of the releases that caught my eye. Nothing quite captures the cozy aura of winter better than emotional Korean drama ballads. Also, the fact that I'm writing this as a new year begins is mostly because of Age of Youth, the beautifully written drama, that captured my attention and became one of favorite dramas of all time. Thus began my deep dive yet again into the world of Korean dramas (Signal, Misaeng, My Lawyer, Mr. JoAngry Mom, etc) and its soundtracks. 

There was a span of about a year where I hardly watched any dramas because of a lack of interest and disenchantment. Because of that, I missed last year's OST scene. It was unfortunate because dramas and OSTs introduced me to world of South Korean cinema and since then, I have even become a dedicated OST listener more than a drama viewer.