Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The 15 Best Korean Drama OST Songs of 2012

@Star1 Magazine

Individual songs are tricky, especially when one's establishing one over the other based on qualifications that are murky at best. In 2012, Korean drama viewers witnessed a wide range of talents that shined onscreen as well as on the music scene. 

There were obvious OST songs that stood out from the rest while others stayed comfortably within the OST blueprint. Many music producers during this year's run were rewarded for taking an unconventional approach with their tunes and blending it within the fold of the drama in a manner that was fresh and awe-inspiring. Powerhouse vocalists gathered heavily under each project this year and made the releases more relevant.

The higher relevancy that the soundtracks saw could be attributed to the fact that the releases stayed current with a hint of nostalgia infused with youthful energy. Let's explore some of the biggest releases in 2012. At the end, leave me with your thoughts on this year's releases.