Sunday, July 27, 2014

15 Best K-pop Albums & 25 Best K-pop Songs of 2013

Following’s the comprehensive list of the top releases of 2013, and takes into account almost all the song released during the year. There were many releases that initially impressed me but as time passed, they lost their appeal. I nitpicked at any glaring inconsistencies I could find. I am not as keen on following idol releases these days, which might have been a result of exploring the emerging non-mainstream artists. It’s also because I didn’t do this at the end of last year as I should have.

Two years ago or maybe even one year ago, if I had made a list of my favorite songs, it might have been predictable because I would recall the go-to idol releases of the year. I follow the indie scene more than I did before and that has influenced my decision here to a great degree.

It’s nothing serious, so without further ado, I hope you enjoy listening to the songs because I’ve included videos as well.