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The one outlet for expressing my thoughts on the world of South Korean entertainment. Primary aim is to highlight and share the many great artists that currently make up the underground scene in South Korea, from the promising Indie circle to the incredible underground Hip-Hop scene. As you can see, I take loooong breaks in between posts and there are many reasons that happens. Life after school, the amount of time I take for research and editing my posts, but mainly it's because I procrastinate, a lot.

What to expect from this blog:

- Foremost: album/EP/single reviews
- Opinions on OST albums and reviews
- Random rankings of debut acts and songs
- Resulting works from cruising solo idol members
- Piece on South Korean Indie acts (in the works)
- Random posts

About me

Pen name/Alias - TenLotus 
Residence - New York City
Gender - Female
Born in - 1993
Occupation - Ex-college student

I got into K-pop around 2008 after coming to the U.S. It wasn't long afterwards that I seriously started following different idol groups. In my spare time, I like watching Korean Dramas and reading NY Times articles. Recently, I have been infatuated by many non-mainstream acts I have come across.

You can also observe my/site activities on -

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/tidalkpop
Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/tenlotus

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