Monday, September 24, 2012

[2010-2013] Korean Dramas with the Best Soundtracks (OST)

Korean Dramas were one of the earlier premier exports of the Hallyu Wave beginning at the turn of the century. To this date, it is riding high on its popularity with the music industry along its side. It has continued to achieve global recognition that began with classics such as Winter Sonata, Autumn in my Heart and Dae Jang Geum. Often times, the sound track of a Korean Drama plays a pivotal role in its perception and recognition. Within its scenes, music scores are blended in onscreen to tell a deeper story, foreshadowing a lurking evil or returning happiness. In the case of Autumn in my Heart, it can move the viewer to tears with its sad instrumentals accompanying the heart-breaking scenes.

As a fan of Korean Dramas, I am often times captivated by many original soundtracks with its quality sound and complete package. I often like soft ballads with piano tunes that often makeup the track-listings of an OST. Therefore, I have decided to make a list of OSTs that in my opinion are the most enjoyable and feature several valuable tracks. Let me know as well which soundtracks were the most enjoyable in your opinion.

Alphabetically. Yearly.

Friday, September 7, 2012

[Stills] G-Dragon's 'That XX' is 'One of a Kind' Indeed

After reading my rave reviews about G-Dragon's One Of A Kind and That XX here, all of you should have gotten a pretty good idea of what I thought. Even though I liked both music videos, artistically, That XX has to be one of finest. Its images and what it shows are simply breath-taking. Both Jennie (16) and G-Dragon (24) look really good and show the right emotions in portraying their characters. Look through the following stills that I captured to showcase the beauty of the music videos, which I decided to dedicate a post to. To scan through all the stills, click on one and scroll through the rest. Enjoy!

Stars of That XX music video: G-Dragon & Jennie Kim

Sunday, September 2, 2012

[Review] G-Dragon's 'That XX' is 'One of a Kind'

In terms of incorporating variant elements in one piece and composing quality tracks, G-Dragon has to be hands down one of the best idol at composing and producing. Coming from YG, G-Dragon made his official debut under Big Bang in 2006. As a leader of Big Bang, he is at the helm of the production team composing songs for the band alongside T.O.P, who has always written his own rap parts in songs. In the early year under YG, G-Dragon was granted full artistic freedom and found himself among the mix of up and coming YG producers Teddy, Perry and E.knock (Kush). The positive influence clearly showed when G-Dragon and other members of Big Bang were revealed to be the writers and composers for their first studio album 'Big Bang Vol. 1 - 'Since 2007'. From producing critically acclaimed solo debut album Heartbreaker and sub-unit album GD&TOP to 2012's best releases, Alive and Still Alive, G-Dragon has managed to impress everyone with his production skills. As expected, G-Dragon started off his second solo venture with the music video release of the prologue track One Of A Kind on August 24.