Tuesday, October 30, 2012

[Review] [Single] Lee Hi '' and Debut Single All-Kill

YG Entertainment

Making it look as easy as 1,2,3,...4, another little digital monster has stepped out of YG and made a phenomenal splash. Released on the 29th of October, Lee Hi's quickly swept the online music charts and earned an all-kill in the process. Known for her soulful and deep voice as a contestant and runner-up to Park Ji Min on SBS's 'K-pop Star', Lee Hayi had amassed much popularity even prior to signing with YG due to her care-free attitude and singular personality display on the show. Now that Lee Hi has finally debuted with a single and conquered the digital charts, does it foreshadow greater things to come from YG? Particularly, did the song raise your anticipation on the soon to debut vocal group SuPearls? deviates just enough in its effects and little techniques that it succeeds in establishing its own unique charm, something rare in K-pop. In the process, the track brings something significant and much-needed to the music scene, just as 2NE1's I Love You did and does it even better to some extent of mixing and matching something familiar with something retro.