Sunday, April 20, 2014

Break Time Q&A! Courtesy of Analogueblues [Liebster Award]

I sincerely thank Analogueblues for nominating me for the Liebster Award. It is the consideration that warms my heart, more than the actual accolade. I didn't know about Liebster Award before this but after reading about it, it seems like a really cool way to connect with fellow bloggers. I will now try and answer the 8 questions Analogueblues directed to the pool of her nominees.

1. Should more dramas have second seasons? Why or why not.

That depends on the storyline and also, the current production system makes it hard for me to fathom the possibility of a widespread implementation. I can imagine the stress that would put on the actors and the staff, who are often underpaid or not paid altogether in some instances. I think many of the people involved are able to get a good night's sleep because each new grueling drama schedule only lasts one season. From this perspective, I am happy that most dramas don't opt for a second season. Also, it helps us avoid a disastrous second season such as Dream High 2 (does it count even though it wasn't a continuation of the story?? *shrugs).

However, it would be foolish of me to not entertain the idea. If everyone was dealt a fair play, I wouldn't mind having more dramas with second seasons. For now, I will answer no because the alternate answer leaves me with too much of an uncertainty and that would mean I wouldn't be able to get my good night's sleep.

2. Any idea as to why drama watching is a female-dominated past time?

Ooh, that's a tough question to answer. I've got some ideas but trying to explain them would require analytical thinking usually beyond my reach. What's the harm in trying anyways, so here goes nothing! It isn't so hard after a peek at the posters. The dramas themselves target female audiences and that has had an impact with the emergence of flower boys, itself both a cause and an effect.

I don't want to go too deep with my generalizations but the question might be compatible with asking something along the lines of, "Why is sports generally a male-dominated past time?" Though sports has advanced much more than dramas.

3. Do you want Asian dramas to become big in other countries, or would you like it to stay the way it is now. That is, a much smaller tight-knit international community.

I think it will cross-over when the time is right. For now, I would like it to stay the way it is until it is ready for the influx of fans. But it's strange expressing one's desire in a situation one has no control over.

4. How many dramas have you completed entirely? (Don’t be shy saying the number xD)

Strangely, I hesitate to say the number outright. It's more than the number of times Shin Min-ah ate beef in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho but less than Lee Yeon-hee's age in Miss Korea. The easier way to find out would be to scroll down to the bottom of the website, where I dutifully list the dramas I have watched.

5. What actors/actresses are you dying to see act together?

It's hard because most of my favorites are the lazy ones, who take on projects once in a blue moon. I would love to see Shin Min-ah and Jeon Ji-hyun in a movie or a drama together. Maybe throw in Ha Jung-woo in the mix as well.

6. If you could be an extra in a drama or movie, which one will you be in?

The most memorable movie for me was Miracle in Cell No.7, so I would definitely use my time-travel machine to go back to when they where filming it. Now all I need is to be charge with a misdemeanor and an orange jumpsuit!!

7. You are a character in a drama, and instead of killing you off, the writer chooses to send you abroad to “study”…where will you go?

Switzerland! Where Willy Wonka lives!!

8. Pen, pencil, or keyboard?

Nothing comes close to the pencil for me.

Thoughts: I had fun answering the questions. They were a unique bunch, no doubt about that. Analogueblues has a real knack for coming up with the best questions, where does she get that from?? I wonder... must have been a gift handed down to her by Ma songsaenim.

Butterfly~fly away~

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