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[Solo] Best K-Pop Idol Solo OST Releases

Flying Petals

This second post in the series detailing idols' solo ventures will focus on Solo Ost Releases. The first part [read here] detailed the individual solo track releases. Within the last decade, the film industry, particularly drama-land, has with open arms been welcoming a huge influx of idol actors. In addition to taking over roles reserved for veteran actors, the newer generation idols have also been popping in the OST market. Nowadays, music directors are without hesitation bringing in idols from popular groups to sing for the OST of their dramas. Due to the changing market, popular idol singers are nowadays preferred because the drama in the process gets some exposure as well.

Whenever quality starts withering away from the kpop world, I turn to the massive OST land for solace because it doesn't disappoint quite as often. This year alone, releases such as Taeyeon's Missing You Like Crazy and Lee Jong Hyun's My Love managed to take top spots on music charts, further solidifying idol stronghold in this huge market. Without further ado, check out this extensive list to feel an appreciation for when talents meet expectations.

In this post, I will list Top 20 tracks from a pool of really good released tracks. I will put the rest in recommendations even though some of those are my favorites. There were many high-quality tracks that it was extremely hard to choose. Because Cruising Solo as a series will examine solo activities of idols from groups, this list will only include songs released by a member of an idol group. Keep in mind that the following listed are those that were great in my opinion, and as is with everything, are not subject to full agreement and as well not intended for putting down any idols. In the end, I hope that posts like these will bring forth a certain appreciation for the imperfect world of K-idols. Don't hesitate and leave me recommendations in case I missed tracks that you felt should have been included.

1. Can You Hear Me - Taeyeon

들리나요 (Can You Hear Me)
Kim Tae-yeon (김태연) - Girls' Generation (소녀시대)
Beethoven Virus OST (베토벤 바이러스 OST) - 2008

2. Missing You Like Crazy - Taeyeon

미치게 보고 싶은 (Missing You Like Crazy)
Kim Tae-yeon (김태연) - Girls' Generation (소녀시대)
King 2 Hearts OST (더킹 투하츠 OST) - 2012

3. Hope is a Dream That Doesn't Sleep - Kyuhun

희망은 잠들지 않는 꿈 (Hope is a Dream That Doesn't Sleep)
Choi Kyu-hun (조규현) - Super Junior (슈퍼주니어)
Baker King, Kim Tak-gu OST (제빵왕 김탁구 OST)- 2011

4. If - Taeyeon

만약에 (If)
Kim Tae-yeon (김태연) - Girls' Generation (소녀시대)
Hong Gil Dong OST (쾌도 홍길동 OST) - 2008

5. For You It's Separation, For Me It's Waiting - Jaejoong

너에겐 이별 나에겐 기다림 (For You It's Separation, For Me It's Waiting)
Kim Jaejoong (김재중) - JYJ
SungKyunKwan Scandal OST (성균관 스캔들 OST) - 2010

6. Too Love - Junsu

Too Love
Kim Junsu (김준수) - JYJ
SungKyunKwan Scandal OST (성균관 스캔들 OST) - 2010

7. I Love You - Taeyeon

사랑해요 (I Love You)
Kim Tae-yeon (김태연) - Girls' Generation (소녀시대)
Athena: Goddess of War OST (아테나: 전쟁의 여신 OST) - 2011

8. Closer - Taeyeon

가까이 (Closer)

Kim Tae-yeon (김태연) - Girls' Generation (소녀시대)
To The Beautiful OST (아름다운 그대에게 OST) - 2012

Bonus: Watch the live performance below by the Idol Ost Superstar herself.

9. My Love - Lee Jong Hyun

내 사랑아 (My Love) 
Lee Jong Hyun (이종현) - CN Blue (씨엔블루) 
A Gentleman's Dignity OST (신사의 품격 OST) - 2012

10. Because I Miss You - Jung Yong Hwa

그리워서 (Because I Miss You) 
Jung Yong Hwa (정용화) - CN Blue (씨엔블루) 
Heartstrings OST (넌 내게 반했어 OST) - 2011


11. In Your Eyes - Onew

In Your Eyes
Lee Jin-ki (이진기) - Shinee (샤이니)
To The Beautiful OST (아름다운 그대에게 OST) - 2012

12. Hello To Myself - Ye Eun (Yenny)

Hello To Myself
Park Ye-Eun (박예은) - Wonder Girls (원더걸스)
Dream High 2 (드림하이 2 OST) - 2012

Wonderful and stellar self-composed song. Props to Yenny.

13. I'll Protect You - Jaejoong

지켜줄게 (I'll Protect You)
Kim Jaejoong (김재중) - JYJ
Protect The Boss OST (보스를 지켜라 OST) - 2011

14. So Goodbye - Jonghyun

So Goodbye
Kim Jong-hyun (김종현) - Shinee (샤이니)
City Hunter OST (시티헌터 OST) - 2011

15. I Choose To Love You - Hyorin

널 사랑하겠어 (I Choose To Love You)
Hyolyn (효린) aka Hyorin - Sistar (씨스타)
I Find Love 2 OST (사랑을 보다 2 OST) - 2012

16. Love is Like Snow - Junsu

사랑은 눈꽃처럼 (Love is Like Snow)
Kim Junsu (김준수) - JYJ
Nice Guy OST (착한남자 OST) - 2012

17. Only You 

오직 너만을 (Only You)
Shim Hyunseong (심현성) - Boyfriend (보이프렌드)
King 2 Hearts OST (더킹 투하츠 OST) - 2012

18. Living Like a Dream - Jaejoong

살아도 꿈인 것처럼 (Living Like a Dream)
Kim Jaejoong (김재중) - JYJ
Dr. Jin OST (닥터 진 OST) - 2012

19. It's Cold - Ji Eun

추워요 (It's Cold)
Song Ji-eun (송지은) - Secret (시크릿)
Take Care of Us, Captain OST (부탁해요, 캡틴 OST) - 2012

20. The Empty Space For You - Yoochun

너를 위한 빈자리 (The Empty Space For You)
Park Yoochun (박유천) - JYJ
Miss Ripley (미스 리플리) - 2011

Additional Recommendations

Too Much Tears - Suzy (Miss A) Me Too! Flower OST

I Still Love You - Suzy (Miss A) Big OST

It Has To Be You - Yesung (Super Junior) Cinderella's Sister OST

Day By Day - Jiyeon (T-ara) Dream High 2 OST

It's Okay Even If It Hurts - Seohyun (Girls' Generation) Kim Soo Ro OST

I'll Be Waiting - Seohyun (Girls' Generation) Fashion King OST

Maybe - Sunye (Wonder Girls) Dream High OST

I'm Alone - Tiffany (Girls' Generation) Princess Ja Myung Go OST

U - Taemin (Shinee) To The Beautiful You OST

Ring - Tiffany (Girls' Generation) Haru OST

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